Top Minister's Daughter's Affair With Rahul Gandhi?

If one has to say who the most eligible bachelor in India is, then one name tops the list. It is none other than Rahul Gandhi, the budding leader in Congress. While the question has been on as to when he will get married, a new buzz is currently making in the Congress circles.

There is a strong gossip that Rahul is currently involved in a deep affair. She happens to be the daughter of a noted politician from AP who was a noted minister at one point of time. It seems that the girl is quite a dynamic and aggressive person as in contrast to the timid nature of Rahul.

While many have been trying to dig out her name and some have got few details, they are said to be a bit scared as to how the consequences will be if this is leaked. Those who heard this gossip are happy that finally Rahul has found someone but the curiosity is, who is this girl???

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